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  When the air conditioner is not cooling, 80% of the reason is estimated to be the lack of refrigeration refrigerant (abbreviation: fluorine or refrigerant), in fact, there are many reasons for the air conditioner not cooling (or heating), how to judge the lack of air conditioning refrigerant, Divided into the following situations.

  1. The low-pressure pipe (thick pipe see picture) dries. No obvious cooling sensation when touched by hand. The reason is the lack of fluorine, which causes the boiling point of the refrigerant in the evaporator to decrease, which increases the heat of the refrigerant in the valve and the temperature of the valve.  ,pron webside

  2. High-pressure pipe (thin pipe see picture) is frosted. The reason is the lack of fluorine, which causes the pressure in the liquid pipe to drop and the boiling point to decrease, which makes the valve temperature lower than the freezing point. ,

m.fxporn,  3. Open the indoor unit panel and remove the filter, you can find that only a small part of the evaporator is frosted. This is the result of insufficient refrigerant and a corresponding reduction in cooling area.  

fuckingmoms,  4. The outdoor unit exhaust has no heat sensation. The reason is that the refrigerant is insufficient, resulting in a reduction in condensing pressure and temperature.  

m.fxporn,  5. The drainage hose has little or no drainage. The reason is that the cooling area of the evaporator is reduced, the area of condensation is also reduced, and the amount of condensed water is reduced.  

  6. The gas-liquid valve of the outdoor unit is oily. The reason is that the refrigerant and the freezing oil have a certain mutual solubility, and the oil stains adhere to the leakage point after the refrigerant overflows from the leakage point.  ,lacy lennon

cfnm porn,  7. The pressure measured from the fluoride port of the outdoor unit is less than 0.45MPa. The reason is that the refrigerant is insufficient, causing the evaporation pressure to drop. 

lolly ink,  8. If the high-pressure pipe (thin-tube valve) is frosted, it means that the lack of fluoride is serious; only the low-pressure pipe (thick-tube valve) is frosted, which means that the fluoride is slightly lacking or the ambient temperature is too low; both valves are frosted, indicating that the system has two Sub-throttle phenomenon.

  Under normal circumstances, the refrigerant is generally available for at least 3 years, and more than 5 years, so the air conditioner often has the problem of refrigerant shortage. It is best to confirm whether the refrigerant is a fake or other problems of the air conditioner.,720 porn

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